The ‘Rouen’ of Joan of Arc

One day in May, 1431 people gathered to watch the spectacle in the city of Rouen, France. Someone was being burnt at the stake again, flames dancing around them. A witch? Usually, yes, witches were burnt at the stake but today it was a heretic and a famous one, who would go down in history.

During the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453) Rouen was taken by England and Joan of arc was imprisoned in a Rouen tower…

Fighting for the French, King Charles VI’s son, she had been captured by the English during the military campaign she had begun against them.

Site of Joan of Arc’s execution
Image: Mary Litchfield

Joan of Arc became a Martyr and a patron saint of France. At just 19 years old, the English executed her in the Market Square in Rouen and the rest is history…

Rouen is a full of history, the old town has around 1000 restored medieval houses.

Walking down the streets at night is like walking through a medieval film set. The houses colourful, bent from hundreds of years of living.

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