Anne Boleyn and Hever Castle

Hever Castle is over 700 years old and was built in 1270. It was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Henry the VIII’s 2nd wife. Unfortunately, she met a savage end, when she was beheaded by her husband, after being accused of high treason…Hever- Castle

Henry had 6 wives

Divorced – Catherine of Aragon

Beheaded – Anne Boleyn

Died – Jane Seymour

Divorced – Anne of Cleves

Beheaded – Catherine Howard

Survived – Catherine Parr

All about Anne…

Image result for queen elizabeth 1 b necklaceBorn in 1501 in Norfolk, her father was a squire and knight.

In 1515 AD, aged just 14, Anne became the attendant to the French Queen.

A few years later Anne returned to England aged 21. Anne’s sister had been a mistress for Henry for 2 years.

Anne fell for a nobleman, Henry Percy – she had a thing for Henry’s.  The marriage was stopped by Henry VIII and Anne was banished to Hever Castle.

Anne Boleyn was the Queen of England for 1000 days

The love affair begins

She was a lady-in-waiting for Henry’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Henry wanted to marry Anne and divorce Catherine but the pope wouldn’t let him. So the protestant faith was born and Henry turned his back on Catholicism.


Anne’s bedframe is still inscribed with her name from Hever Castle

Anne Boleyn was the mother of one of Britain’s most famous Queens, Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth 1

The beginning of the end

After a whirlwind affair, political and religious upheaval and 3 years of marriage Henry accused Anne of high treason.

Whilst still being married to Anne, Henry started seeing Jane Seymour. Anne was imprisoned in the Tower of London, standing accused of  adultery, incest and plotting to kill the king. Henry had her beheaded and married Jane 11 days later.

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