Salzburg, an Austrian fairytale city



Salzburg is a pint-sized city split by the Danube river. Surrounded by snow-tipped mountains, lush green fields and a centre of baroque architecture it is known as the pearl of Austria.

A brief outline of Salzburg’s History

First founded as Iuvavum by the Romans in 15BC, Salzburg has had a long history of occupation and decline. When the Roman Empire fell the city was left to ruin until the 7th century.


In the 14th century, Salzburg had to rebuild itself yet again, not from violence or political fighting but from disease. The Black Death spread to all corners of Europe and a third of the population perished.


In 1756 Wolfgang Mozart was born, you can visit his house in Salzburg and buy all kinds of Mozart-themed treats like Christmas decorations or chocolate.

The Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg!

Hohensalzburg Fortress

One of the main historical attractions of the city is the Hohensalzburg Fortress which sits upon a hill overlooking the city. This impressive castle was built in the 11th century to demonstrate the political power of Prince Bishops. It was also used as protection from attacks. Castle courtyards would have been a picture of bustling medieval life with blacksmiths, breweries and tradesmen.



When Napolean arrived in 1800 the fortress was passed onto the French and later used as a military base and dungeon. During WWI it was used as a prions holding Nazi activists and Italian prisoners of war in the 1930s.

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