Exploring Alicante’s Archaeology

Alicante is known for its historic, mountain-top castle, turquoise sea and mile-long beaches. Unknown to many tourists, it is an ancient city, and people have lived there for thousands of years. Archaeological remains have been found from the Bronze Age, Iberians and Romans

Cavemen in Spain?

In the mountains and rocks surround Alicante, evidence of rock drawings were found

Santa Bárbara Castle

The castle sits on top of Benacantil mountain and towers over the beach.


Built during the 10th century, it was added to throughout the following centuries. It has the remains of a bakery, church as well as your typical cannons.

The view from the castle gets better and better as you ascend to the top. Standing on the edge, to the right you can see the whole city, all the way to the mountains surrounding it. To the left, the sandy beaches with hundreds of multicoloured parasols, protecting people from the harsh sun. At around 2/3, the beach becomes emptier, with the locals going to the shade and for lunch. Only the hardcore and foolish tourists stay out in the heat of the day, returning home like lobsters.

Lucentum: The ancient Roman city of Alicante

First dated to the end of the 5th century BCE, the site changed over time when different tribes and civilisations travelled to Spain.


Emperor Augustus made his mark in Lucentum, claiming as part of the Roman empire. It was a bustling city centre but hundreds of years later it between the 8th and 10th centuries AD it was used as an Islamic funerary site.

If you look closely, you can paw prints of a little dog!


Illeta des banyets

On a rocky peninsula surrounded by the deep blue ocean lies the ancient site of Illeta des banyets. Bronze Age, Iberians and Romans made this little oasis their home and. Later on medieval Islamic settlers. The was an important site which functioned as a market and ports, trading with the rest of the Mediterranean. The Romans had their priorities right; you can still see the remains of a grape press used to make wine.


From MARQ Alicante



People either side of the site swim in rocky pools of the ocean, sunbathing, drinking beer and listening to the radio – a picture of modern and ancient life intertwined.

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