Tutankhamun's Treasures

Tutankhamun is believed to have ascended the throne around the age of eight/nine years and at the beginning of his reign he married his sister Princess Ankhesenamon (originally called Ankhesenpaaton), daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.  Born in 1334 BC and died around 18 years old. He actually has the smallest royal tomb in the Valley …

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Granada, an Islamic History of a Spanish City

It is not widely known that Granada was one of the Muslim cities of Spain. Ornately decorated palaces, foreboding fortresses towering over the cities ramshackle, cobbled streets are what Granada is known for. Heavily influenced by Morocco's past culture and political support, Granada's culture is one of European combined with Arab architecture. Houses are covered …

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Christmas in Ancient Rome

In the Roman Empire, people drank, sang and feasted their way through December...sound familiar? From the 17th of December, the Romans celebrated Saturnalia for a week. Decorations adorned homes and banquets were held. Saturnalia was a time of merrymaking, revelry and indulgence - believed by some to be the predecessor of Christmas. Families celebrated the god …

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Bathing in Britain – Roman Style

The Roman Baths are a magical experience...from water goddesses to curses, it's one of the best ancient baths to visit in the UK What looks like an unassuming doorway takes you down into the depths of Roman Britain. The city of Bath, England, was known as Aqua Sulis to the Romans. When the Romans first …

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Salzburg, an Austrian fairytale city

Salzburg Salzburg is a pint-sized city split by the Danube river. Surrounded by snow-tipped mountains, lush green fields and a centre of baroque architecture it is known as the pearl of Austria. A brief outline of Salzburg's History First founded as Iuvavum by the Romans in 15BC, Salzburg has had a long history of occupation …

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Anne Boleyn and Hever Castle

Hever Castle is over 700 years old and was built in 1270. It was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Henry the VIII's 2nd wife. Unfortunately, she met a savage end, when she was beheaded by her husband, after being accused of high treason... Henry had 6 wives Divorced - Catherine of Aragon Beheaded - Anne Boleyn …

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